• Protect Cloud Applications with CA SSO

    SSO/Rest cloud-enables your applications, transparently protecting them with CA Single Sign-On—as if they were in your data center. Seamlessly manage your apps as if they were local, whether you run your own images on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, or hot-deploy your applications directly to Google App Engine.

  • Integrate Rich Browser & Mobile Apps into your CA SSO Environment

    Harness the power of your SSO solution directly from all of your client platforms. Minimal changes to your existing applications. Simple and intuitive REST API.

  • Deploy CA SSO as a Service

    Service providers can now provide the full power of CA SSO as a software-as-a-service offering.

  • Go Agentless!

    SSO/Rest consolidates your CA SSO agents within the SSO/Rest Gateway. Migrate from thousands of CA SSO agents to lightweight SSO/Rest plug-ins and significantly lower the cost and burden of maintaining your SSO infrastructure.

  • Better Integration & Services for Your Internal SSO Applications

    SSO/Rest provides a richer interface that makes more information available to internal apps which can get more power out of CA SSO. This interface is REST-based, so the CA SDK is unnecessary inside your applications.

  • Simplify Your Strong Authentication

    Easily Integrate a Time-Based One-Time Password solution with no added infrastructure.