CA SSO Toolkit

The IDF Connect CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) Toolkit is a collection of resources for helping you optimize your CA Single Sign-On implementations and administration. All extensions, tools, and templates were built specifically for our CA Single Sign-On customers and are offered by IDF Connect as a resource.

Policy Compare Tool

Quickly pinpoint differences between CA Single Sign-On environments such as QA vs. Production. Provides a convenient GUI for comparing two policy stores, and presents the differences found in an easily navigable tree structure.

Agents for CA Single Sign-On

IDF Connect-developed agents that are designed for platforms that CA does not natively support out-of-the-box. The agent base is pure Java and is portable, allowing agents to be written for a variety of platforms through our Custom Plugin Development services. Currently available plugins include:

Tomcat Agent

Enables you to bring your Tomcat applications into your Single Sign-On and Authentication/Access Control solution.

RedHat (JBoss) Agent

Builds on the functionality of the SSO/Rest Agent for Tomcat, and adds identity propagation into the JBoss EJB container. Note that the newer RedHat Wildfly servers have a different architecture; for Wildfly integration, see visit our SSO/Rest product information page.

Servlet Filter Agent

Standard Servlet 2.x or 3.x filter implementation that can be added to any Servlet-based Java web application.

PingFederate Agent

Enables Single Sign-On between a PingFederate environment and enterprise Web Access Management.

Policy Wizard

Utilizes CA Single Sign-On Policy APIs to auto-generate policies based on existing ones, enabling users to easily copy or migrate apps, and apply universal changes.

Custom Monitoring Tool

Provides network-level monitoring of CA Single Sign-On by “standing up” and “tearing down” active connections to determine if CA Single Sign-On is functioning properly. It outputs to a log file but can also provide email alerts, and works with existing management tools.

Advanced Desktop Integration and Authentication Module (Desktop SSO )

The Desktop SSO lets you integrate a desktop login form instead of the standard CA Single Sign-On pop-up login window.

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