IDF Connect provides innovative Identity and Web Access Management (IAM) solutions and services to enterprises and other large organizations. We specialize in helping our customers enable SSO and IAM for cloud-based applications by extending – rather than replacing – existing, on-premises IAM technology.


IDF Connect’s solutions are engineered to bridge the gap between traditional, on-premises IAM technologies and new cloud-based applications, allowing enterprises to leverage the vast benefits of Cloud technology without significant re-engineering or migration of existing IAM systems. Our technology neatly solves the substantial integration issues between on-premise enterprise IAM controls and the Cloud, thereby lowering the cost and barriers to entry into Cloud computing.

SSO/Rest, our flagship product, is an easily implemented HTTP and REST-based solution that enables SSO and web access management for cloud-based applications.


Our company vision is to create and provide technologies that lower the costs and barriers to entry for Cloud computing by bridging the gap between traditional and cloud-based IAM.


Our products are installed and in production in international Fortune 500 companies, but can be scaled for any size organization. Our solutions are continually refined in real-world environments to solve today’s IAM challenges, developed over years of hands-on, enterprise-wide engagements.


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