Consulting Services

Are you struggling to reconcile your existing IAM tools, strategies, and business processes with a new Cloud strategy?

Are you looking at upending years of IAM integration work, investment, and skill-building, just to migrate applications from the data center to the Cloud?

Are you facing an IAM integration challenge due to a new acquisition or merger?

IDF Connect’s IAM consulting services excel in helping enterprises solve these and similar challenges relating to IAM migrations, and Cloud-enablement. We specialize in helping our customers enable SSO and IAM for Cloud-based applications by extending – rather than replacing – existing, on-premises IAM technology.

Our services include:

  • IAM strategy, architecture, and solution design.
  • IAM application integration and migration.
  • Cloud enablement of legacy IAM systems.
  • Planning, installation, integration, customized training, and continuing support for all major IAM vendors and technologies, and of course DF Connect’s own products.

The qualities that make us the best at what we do:

  • The broad consulting experience and deep technical understanding that comes from more than twenty years of providing IAM solutions to Fortune 500 companies
  • The innovative perspective, creativity, and insight that made us pioneers in Cloud IAM enablement technology
  • An attitude of respect for the unique needs and situation of every customer. We will never “make your requirements meet our solutions”. We approach every project with both an open mind and a careful evaluation of your organization’s current IAM infrastructure/environment, objectives, and requirements.

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