IDF Connect’s products solve the central Identity and Access Management challenges introduced by the Cloud.

Our products clear the technical and financial barriers standing between your organization and the Cloud, allowing you to fully realize the benefits of Cloud-based infrastructure. Whether by extending the reach of your existing IAM solutions or through lightweight, Cloud-enabled alternatives our technologies share a common approach: to expand security while minimizing new expense.

  • SSO/Rest – IDF Connect’s flagship product, SSO/Rest extends full web access management, including enterprise SSO, authentication, session management, and Zero trust Access Management, to your Cloud-deployed apps. A hardened, Cloud Access API gateway in the DMZ mediates traffic between lightweight access control enforcement points (“plugins”) and your policy servers, ensuring – unlike federation-based approaches – that every request is vetted.
  • SSO/MobileKey – a simple Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution for CA Single Sign-On
  • CA SSO Toolkit – A collection of tools that enhance CA Single Sign-On
  • CA IdM Toolkit – A collection of tools that enhance CA Single Sign-On


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