CA IdM Toolkit

The IDF Connect CA IdM Toolkit (formerly IdentityMinder) Toolkit provides various identity management tools and utilities to augment CA’s unified solution for user provisioning and user management.

Business Logic Task Handlers (BLTH)

  • LoginNameGenerator – A BLTH to generate a login name based upon the user’s first and last names
  • UniqueAttributeCheck – A BLTH that checks whether or not a single attribute is unique

Logical Attribute Handlers (LAH)

  • CNHandler – A logical attribute handler to generate the common name (cn) attribute. The logic is as follows: By default, it will use “firstname lastname”. If provided, it will also insert the middle initial “firstname middleinitial. lastname”. Then, if the resulting value is not unique, it will append the login name “firstname middleinitial. lastname (loginname)”
  • CountrySelector – Logical attribute to populate a drop-down of country names and set the corresponding two-letter ISO-3166-1 code
  • EmailConfirmHandler – Takes two fields (name and domain) to create an e-mail address, and includes confirmation fields
  • FullNameHandler – Generates the user’s full name attribute by combining the first and last name, and middle initial if provided
  • FullyQualifiedAddressHandler – This class takes an identifier and appends “@” to populate an attribute. Two common use cases are: creating an e-mail address based upon the user id, and creating the AD userPrincipleName based upon the samAccountName
  • PhoneNumberHandler – Creates a phone number by concatenating country code, area code, and local number
  • StateSelector – Logical attribute to populate a drop-down of U.S. states
  • TempPasswordHandler – Generates a temporary password for use with out-of-band delivery such as email and SMS
  • TermsAndConditionsHandler – Enforces that the user has accepted the most recent version of your terms and conditions document

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