CA Technologies

CA Technologies Tech PartnerIDF Connect’s products are fully compatible with CA Technologies’ Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry-leading solution – CA Single Sign-On (formerly named SiteMinder.)

IDF Connect has spent many years partnering with, and providing professional services to Fortune 500 companies that use CA Single Sign-On. We drew upon this experience to create SSO/Rest, SSO/MobileKey, and our other products; and it is because of our deep knowledge of CA Technologies’ IAM that we so effectively transfer value to our customers through our services and training.

IDF Connect and CA Technologies actively maintain our strong partnership to ensure continued and future native integration of IDF Connect’s product with CA Single Sign-On.


NGINX PartnerNGINX is the world’s most popular open source web server and load balancer for high traffic sites, powering over 245 million properties and half of the world’s busiest sites and applications. IDF Connect is proud to partner with NGINX, Inc. and offers a native plugin for NGINX and NGINX Plus.


Coreblox is a premier provider of Identity and Access Management security solutions for enterprise, federated and cloud environments.


Axiomatics is the leading provider of fine-grained access control. Axiomatics’ solutions are utilized by government agencies and Global Fortune 1000 companies around the world to enable digital transformation: share and safeguard sensitive information, meet compliance requirements and minimize data fraud. Axiomatics provides dynamic authorization delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for applications, databases, Big Data, APIs and microservices.