IDF Connect Brings Complete, Cloud-Enabled Web Access Management to NGINX with SSO/Rest Plugin

Enterprises can now combine IDF Connect SSO/Rest with NGINX to fully enable their WAM and SSO solutions for Cloud-based applications.

IDF Connect, a leader in Cloud-enabled Web Access Management (WAM) solutions, today announced that it is partnering with NGINX, and had released a native NGINX plugin for its flagship WAM product, SSO/Rest. In conjunction with the IDF Connect SSO/Rest Gateway, the plugin allows an enterprise to integrate its existing WAM platform’s full capabilities with NGINX and NGINX Plus.

NGINX Plus is already today’s gold standard for delivering high-performance, Cloud-native applications. With IDF Connect’s NGINX-certified module for SSO/Rest, customers now have access to an enterprise web access management solution to secure their Cloud-based resources.

– Paul Oh, Head of Business Development at NGINX Inc.

IDF Connect SSO/Rest enables enterprises to move their applications to the Cloud with the full power and capabilities of their existing WAM platforms – single sign-on, authentication, and access control enforcement. The technology neatly solves a central problem that faces organizations with well-established WAM solutions: how to adapt to the new requirements of Cloud-based applications without the expensive process of ripping out and replacing their well-functioning, on-premises IAM solutions.

“We see NGINX as a natural partner,” said IDF Connect CEO Richard Sand. “Our vision is to create and provide technologies that solve the problems of access management in enterprise Cloud computing – so we are excited to have made the capabilities of SSO/Rest available to the vast community of NGINX and NGINX Plus users.”

Cloud computing is set to continue expanding at an annual rate of almost 20% (1). With nearly a third of companies citing security as their number one Cloud adoption concern (2), the need for enterprise-level access control for Cloud-based applications has never been stronger. Through its partnership with NGINX, IDF Connect has greatly increased the reach of its solution to the challenges of Cloud WAM: NGINX powers half of the world’s busiest sites and applications. It is the world’s most popular open source web server, reverse proxy, and load balancer for high traffic sites, and is used by over 245 million properties.

The IDF Connect SSO/Rest Plugin for NGINX Plus, released as an NGINX Plus Certified Dynamic Module, is available at IDF Connect.


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