IDF Connect Makes Full Cloud Single Sign-On a Simple Reality with Release of SSO/Rest 3.0

Added features and powerful new functionality make it even easier for enterprises to fully extend your existing Web Access Management and SSO solutions to Cloud-based applications and hybrid infrastructures.

IDF Connect, a leader in Cloud-enabled Web Access Management (WAM) solutions, today announced the release of a major new version of its flagship WAM product, SSO/Rest 3.0™. With the debut of SSO/Rest, IDF Connect pioneered the first feasible path to the Cloud for legacy-bound enterprises – by bridging the gap between traditional, on-premises WAM and new cloud-based infrastructures and applications. Now, augmented with major new capabilities and features, SSO/Rest has expanded the reach of its innovative solution, making Cloud enablement easier, more affordable, and more flexible than ever.

“With the release of 3.0 we have made SSO/Rest more powerful, yet simpler to implement and manage”, explains CEO Richard Sand.

For companies grappling with the challenges of access management in enterprise Cloud computing, we have answered the question of ‘how?’ and replaced it with ‘how about now?’

Version 3.0 introduces key new features and functions that expand platform support, increase management functionality, and facilitate development. New plugins (SSO/Rest’s drop-in replacement for Web Agents) add NGINX and NGINX+, .NET Core, .NET applications in the Cloud, and Redhat Wildfly to the already extensive list of supported platforms.

Management capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of the Gateway Console, a sophisticated monitoring and metrics GUI based on Elasticsearch and Kibana. A “Plugin Self-Registration” service now gives app teams the ability to register their own plugins and to orchestrate provisioning of new server and application instances. And the new Pluggable Logging Framework allows fine-grain logging and tracing.

Developers can now use a Swagger User Interface to visualize and interact with REST API resources without having any implementation logic in place. And a new annotation-driven API allows custom request handling, enabling customers to augment the request processing at their virtual perimeter in a way that no other off-the-shelf Web Access tool provides today.

In 2018, more than a third of IT organizations have adopted a “Cloud-first” business approach – meaning that all new projects will be done in the Cloud. But even more (40%) feel that their Cloud security solutions are lagging. IDF Connect’s SSO/Rest 3.0, by neatly and affordably extending enterprises’ on-premises SSO and Web Access to their Cloud-based applications, provides a clear solution to this industry-wide problem.