Cloud SSO for your CA Single Sign-On Identity and Access Management with IAMaaS

Cloud computing has changed Identity Access Management (IAM). First, it has created new management challenges as enterprises must handle more application workloads in the cloud and deal with the cross-domain management challenges of hybrid IT environments. Second, the growing acceptance of cloud-based management has opened up a world of possibilities for delivering IAM-as-a-service (IAMaaS), an approach that can increase business agility and reduce operating costs.

IAMaaS is a set of capabilities across compliance and governance, access request and provisioning, password management, single sign-on (SSO), and Web access management that allow an organization to do fundamentally the same types of business processes and activities that they do with an internal IAM systems, but delivered from the cloud.

With IDF Connect IAMaaS you can seamlessly integrate with and manage your cloud-based resources in the same manner as on-premises applications using CA Single Sign-On. And our SSO/Rest provides single sign-on (SSO) for cloud applications as well as internal Web applications, so business users have a single-point-of-access.

Leverage the Cloud for IAM – IDF Connect’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables you to securely control access to your web services and resources for your users. Using IDF Connect’s technology you can leverage enterprise-grade IAM tools, regardless of where their applications reside – on premise, hosted, or in the Cloud.

Enterprises that already have on-premise Single Sign On and Access Management solutions can use IDF Connect’s Managed Services to move these services into the Cloud without needing to move their SSO-enabled applications, or establish VPN tunnels between applications and policy decision-making.

IAM Price and Technology Barrier Removed – Smaller organizations with an IAM solutions, or organizations which don’t presently have an enterprise SSO or Access Management solution in place, can subscribe to IDF Connect’s Identity Access Management as a Service (IAMaaS) offering and begin to leverage Web Access Management in the Cloud.

IAMaaS is a subscription service and is offered per instance per year, all-inclusive with no additional costs.

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