Federation Provisioning System

A lightweight and non-invasive federated provisioning solution

Federation Provisioning System (FPS) is the only provisioning solution in the industry that has been designed from the ground up with the specific purpose of meeting the provisioning needs of your federated relationships. FPS employs a pure standards-based approach to inter-enterprise provisioning; this streamlines and simplifies the entire process, and delivers a robust, secure, yet flexible answer to the provisioning challenge.

How It Works

FPS expresses all provisioning commands in the form of SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language), an industry standard set forth by OASIS for describing provisioning tasks with XML-based messages. Enabling enterprises to both generate SPML messages, and securely deliver them to partners and customers, FPS further interprets incoming SPML messages, and provisions its user data stores.

FPS consists of two distinct products, which can be used together or stand-alone.

FPS SPML Emitter

The FPS SPML Emitter is designed to allow subsidiaries and business partners to participate in a federated provisioning solution without the implementation burden and invasiveness of traditional enterprise provisioning products.


FPS SPML Gateway

The FPS SPML Gateway can receive provisioning requests from any SPML-compliant Identity Provider, provision your local user stores, and then send the proper responses and notifications.


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