Jboss Plugin

A custom CA SSO plugin for the Redhat JBoss application server

The JBoss Plugin for CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) enables you to easily integrate your J2EE applications into your Single Sign-On and Authentication/Access Control solution. It directly integrates the JBoss server with CA Single Sign-On, allowing you to define authentication and access policies in CA Single Sign-On that are enforced within JBoss. The JBoss plugin propagates the CA Single Sign-On identity into the JBoss web application and further into the EJB container.

Your application can use all of the features of native J2EE security in both the Servlet container (isUserInRole and getUserPrincipal) and the EJB container (isCallerInRole and getCallerPrincipal), and the results will based upon the identity authenticated by CA Single Sign-On. You can further use declarative security within your web and EJB deployment descriptors, and when the server needs to determine if a user meets your role definitions, it will leverage the CA Single Sign-On identity asserted by the JBoss plugin.

The JBoss Plugin is implemented using the JBoss server security APIs, so it is automatically available to all applications deployed on the JBoss server.


  • Single Sign-On with many different web servers supported by SiteMinder
  • Standalone agent — no front-end web agent requirement
  • URL-based authorization
  • Session management
  • Various supported authentication schemes
  • Native J2EE identity integration

Scalability & Failover

IDF Connect’s JBoss Plugin leverages CA Single Sign-On native clustering and failover capabilities, and supports all of the clustering capabilities of JBoss. This means you can easily integrate the plugin into your existing JBoss server clusters. Your users will not experience an issue if a CA Single Sign-On Policy Server becomes unavailable because of the standard CA Single Sign-On native clustering and automatic failover capability.

Supported Environments

  • CA Single Sign-On: Version 6.x or higher
  • Tomcat Server: JBoss 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0
  • Operating Systems: Any that support CA Single Sign-On SDK 6.x

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